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Our Vitamin A Champions!

Meet our  Vitamin A Champions  who are pioneering this all-important work, that of giving 2 drops of Vitamin A, to give the Gift of Sight:

Dr Radhika Batra,  Founder and President of EveryInfantMatters, is carrying out vitamin A distribution and deworming for children for slum children in Ghaziabad.

Vitamin Angels is a charity providing life saving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition, reducing preventable blindness, illness and death. All medicines distributed by Every Infant Matters are provided pro bono by Vitamin Angels.

Dr Virat Veer Yadav, CEO of Virat Hospitals in Rewari, Hrayana, is carrying out vitamin A distribution and deworming for children in Haryana. He is doing this in camps, in disadvantaged schools, orphanages and slums.

Dr Nomeeta Gupta, Head of the Department of Pediatrics at Batra Hospital, New Delhi is carrying out the above activities in the slums of South delhi

Dr Shalini Pandey, Senior Pediatrician, is  carrying out the above activities  for children of labourers at construction sites in Delhi NCR.

Dr Abhishek Agrawal from Shahjahanpur in the state of UP, India

Dr. Sanjeev Vind from Ghaziabad

Dr. Bhanu S Batra, Child Care Centre, Ghaziabad

Guru Nanak Medical Centre, Kalkaji, New Delhi

Doctors and Residents, Department of Pediatrics, Santosh Medical College and Hospital, Ghaziabad

Dr. Ajay Agarwal , Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Chief Medical Superintendent, Ram Sagar Misra Hospital, Lucknow


Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center (Free OPD), New Delhi


Dr. Anil Gupta, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh