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Improving Maternal Health

Ensuring maternal health in pregnancy is a must. This is an excellent way of ensuring that new born babies are well nourished and healthy. We are distributing prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers from disadvantaged backgrounds. Each beneficiary is given one bottle containing 180 vitamin tablets, which will last for 6 months. This ensures compliance.

“I work as a washing woman, in a nice neighborhood in the city of Lucknow,” says Kamla. “I do ironing of clothes, and washing in several households. I leave my home early in the morning and come back by evening. There is never any time to take care of myself though I’m 4 months pregnant. I worry about my baby. But now, Usha Ji has given me a small bottle of medicines, one for each day for the remainder of pregnancy. I feel reassured and stronger since I’ve started these medicines.”

There are many such women, who are benefiting from our vitamin distribution program. This is being implemented by several partners. One of our partners in Mrs. Usha Gupta, MA (Economics), eminent writer and social worker, serving the needy. More than 450 women have benefited. We are taking this project to scale, via camps in rural areas and slums, in order to serve 4000 pregnant women.