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About Us

Every Infant matters is an NGO registered in India. It is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children by preventing blindness by giving them Vitamin A drops, deworming by giving Albendazole, promotion of breast feeding to ensure good health of new borns and conducting health camps to achieve the above objectives.

India’s infant mortality rate has reached unacceptable high levels. The commonest causes for this Id malnutrition, infections, diarrhoea and dysentery et cetera. Many can be prevented by low-cost measures , Such as improving nutrition at low-cost, promoting breastfeeding, and preventing dehydration.

We believe in justice and inclusion. Every infant matters, and every child has the right to health, education, and subsequent economic empowerment. That is the mission of this organisation

Our Founder and President is Dr. Radhika Batra.

She says “I will change the world by improving the lives of children worldwide. Rightly has it been said that the children are the vision of the future. In a world where 1.4 million children go blind every year due to preventable causes, I shall provide the much-needed preventive measures to ensure vision. Blindness is a known cause of poverty, mental afflictions, and even loss of lives, which must be prevented. The gift of sight will ensure happiness and will prevent stigma and discrimination. Because of vision, there will be better education, jobs, and ultimate economic empowerment which will benefit the entire world.”



We believe in partnerships and collaborations in order to go to scale. Every Infant Matters has established the following partnernships:

  1. Vitamin Angels : An US based NGO, providing life saving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition, reducing preventable illness, preventable blindness and deaths, to create a healthy world for children. The are working in 74 countries worldwide. Vitamin Angels is providing free Albendazole for deworming and free Vitamin A which give us a leverage that is several times.
  2. Partnerships with socio-religious organisations such as Gurudwaras– Gurudwaras are not merely places of worship for the sikh community. People from all faiths are welcome in Gurudwaras. They serve also as community centres where free vegetarian food is served daily and often may have libraries, classrooms, meeting rooms, and free dispensaries and clinics. One such Gurudwara is in Kalkaji, New Delhi where a team of dedicated doctors attend to more than a thousand poor patients every week, in their charitable dispensary. These doctors are now distributing free Albendazole and Vitamin A thus fulfulling the mission and vision of Every Infant Matters.
  3. Virat Hospitals, Rewari, Haryana – This is a super speciality hospital located in Haryana, founded and run by Dr. Viratveer Yadav, an eminent Pediatrician. Dr. Virat and his team have partnered with us to distribute Vitamin A and Albendazole in the disadvantaged areas, specifically to school children, residents of slums and orphanages and street children.
  4. Operation ASHA-  Operation ASHA is an NGO incorporated in India, Cambodia and the US, that provides last-mile delivery solutions for health, serving the poorest of the poor. Its focus is Tuberculosis (TB), a fully curable infectious disease that has become a global pandemic.  Operation ASHA is the largest NGO for TB detection and treatment in India, and the third largest in the world. It is serving 20 million people.
  5. Batra Child care Centre Ghaziabad- This serves 250 disadvantaged children daily, treated by Dr Subhash Batra.
  6. Highly reputed Paediatricians and General Practitioners in India