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Our Projects

We serve the poorest of the poor children in India and Nigeria

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Prevention of Blindness in Children

500,000 children go blind every year due to Vitamin A deficiency. We have saved 10,320 children from these devastating consequences by dispensing Vitamin A

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9765 children have been given Albendazole to combat worm infestation and to improve their nutritional status.

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Holistic approach to childcare

Dr. Radhika Batra and her partners are promoting healthy practices, breast feeding, immunisation, dispelling of childhood myths, and ensuring gender equality. We have counselled more than 22000 families

Other Health Promoting Endeavours

We serve children in slums, villages, orphanages and at construction sites

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Health Education

Doctors and nurses giving health education to families of disadvantaged children .

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Hand Washing Awareness

Spreading awareness of how to wash hands properly through printed pamphlets and home visits.

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TB Awareness Comic Book

Distributed TB Awareness Comic Book called Knight Wolf to children.

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Distribution of Prenatal Vitamins

We are giving bottles of vitamins, each containing 180 tablets, to pregnant women from slums and villages. More than 469 women have been served.