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Our Projects

We have several ongoing projects to benefit disadvantaged children in India

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Prevention of Blindness in Children

We work in collaboration with an American organisation called Vitamin Angels. 6960 children have been given free Vitamin A drops till date.

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Also in collaboration with Vitamin Angels. 5155 children have been given free Albendazole for improving their nutritional status.

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Holistic approach to childcare

Young doctors have collaborated with Dr. Radhika Batra to promote a well rounded approach to childcare including promotion of healthy practices, breast feeding and dispelling of myths related to childhood. We have counselled 12000 families till date.

Health Camp For Children

Vitamin A and Deworming Health Camp in Rewari, India in collaboration with Operation ASHA and Virat Hospital

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Vitamin A distribution

Doctors and nurses giving free Vitamin A to disadvantaged children.

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Hand Washing Awareness

Spreading awareness of how to wash hands properly through printed pamphlets.

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TB Awareness Comic Book

Distributed TB Awareness Comic Book called Knight Wolf to children.

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Dr Virat Vir Yadav

Dr Virat standing in front of banner for camp.